Thank You for you interest in becoming an affiliate of the Memory Lane Show, which is owned and operated by EZHelp Computers LLC. Memory Lane is a three hour program that is broadcasted LIVE every Saturday at 9:00 am EST. The show features songs and information from the 60’s and 70’s, Rock and Roll History and a theme is spotlighted weekly.

I provide a 128k feed during the live broadcast. Note: From time to time, when a live show is not possible, a previously recorded show will be automatically streamed.

For on demand or replays, archives of the show can be aired any day of the week. The entire program is available in one 3-hour file or three 1-hour files to commercial and non-commercial radio stations on a 100% barter basis at 128k. Files can be downloaded via your personal FTP account or HTTP approximately 2 hours after the broadcast of the live show.

In addition, Memory Lane can provide logos, banners, bios, personal pictures and a “branded” promo for your radio network.
Please contact me with your information or for any additional details.